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become MAGNETIC: 3 secrets to attract high ticket clients faster and easier 
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Here's What You're Going To Discover In This No Cost Masterclass...
  • What it takes to elevate your value in the marketplace and command $10K, $30K, or whatever K fees for that thing ONLY YOU can do...even if you're not a business coach 
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  • ​How to deliver bigger ROI with less effort on your part so you can spend less time working IN your business and more time living a life as big as your purpose   
  • ​The secret to closing more sales without wasting hours on the phone or in DMs with people who "can't afford it" or need to speak with their husband, dog, or angels before buying from you
  • ​Why working harder is sabotaging your results and what to do instead
About Your Host
Desiree Stafford is a performance coach and high ticket mentor who shows successful coaches and other transformational experts how to attract high ticket clients online and make more money with speed and grace. 
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