Brand New No Cost Masterclass For Coaches, Healers, And Other Transformational Leaders...
3 power moves to consistently attract high ticket clients with ease 
 Will cause you to free yourself to be yourself)
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Here's What You're Going To Discover In This No Cost Masterclass...
  • Why you can easily command $10K, $30K, or whatever K fees for your transformational work...even if you're not in the "make money" niche 
  • ​How you can serve more powerfully with less effort on your part so that you have the FREEDOM to live a life as big as your purpose 
  • ​What it really takes to attract a STEADY FLOW of soul aligned clients who say "YESSS!" on the spot (no paid ads, launches, or posting 24/7 necessary)
  • ​Why working harder is sabotaging your results and what to do instead
  • ​How to free yourself from imposter syndrome, people pleasing, shrinking to fit, comparisionitis, etc. so you can show up fully as the leader you were BORN to be
About Your Host
Desiree Stafford is a performance coach and high ticket mentor who shows successful coaches and other transformational experts how to attract high ticket clients online and make more money with speed and grace. 
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