#1 Reason Most Coaches Struggle to Sell High End Programs
Written by Desiree Stafford
Ever feel like you are working yourself into exhaustion chasing after lower level clients?

Perhaps you’ve tried selling higher end programs and dropped your fees because they weren’t selling as consistently as you hoped they would. Or maybe you’re still hoping, praying, that someday you’ll have the courage to command the fees you know you’re work is really worth. 

Either way, this post will give you valuable insight on how to sell $10K to $100K programs with confidence and integrity.

The first reason why your high-end programs are not selling as consistently as you would like is because you're worried about your delivery. Now, I know that you have clients who get amazing results, but if you have some clients who didn't get results or if said results are inconsistent, that can create fear. It can create doubt about your ability to actually deliver at a higher level.

I know this from personal experience as well as from the concerns my clients have shared with me. So I’ll share with you the same insights that have helped them develop the confidence to command much higher fees, so you can make more without burnout.

The first thing you need to understand is that you have a unique process that helps your clients get amazing results. When you truly understand your process as in how it works and why it works, and you match your genius with the right client you get predictable results.

But if you're wobbly on your process or you're signing clients who are not ideal for you, what do you think is going to happen? There’s going to be a mismatch and their results are going to be wonky. You'll get positive results sometimes and not other times.

That pattern robs you of your confidence and that’s how doubt seeps through your marketing and botches your sales conversations.

I’m betting your uncertainty is also causing you to hold back when serving your clients, which is why you’re frustrated that they’re not doing the work. Ever feel more drained than energized after your coaching sessions? This is why.

So again, focus on understanding how and why your process works. That will give you the conviction you need to sell more of your higher end programs.

Remember, your clients have tried and failed before in other programs. This is why your belief in why they’ll succeed working with you needs to be stronger than their fears. When you get this right, they’ll not only ask you for the sale, but thank you for it.

Desiree Stafford

Desiree Stafford helps coaches, consultants, and spiritual entrepreneurs make the money and impact they know they're capable of faster than they can renew their passports. To discover how to do this in your business request a free breakthrough session today.
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