Mindset and Mechanics Behind Closing High End Sales Consistently
Written by Desiree Stafford

That nervous, almost desperate, feeling you get when you're about to ask for the sale is ancient history.

Closing 100% of the clients you're MEANT to serve [without those awkward "Are you still interested???" follow up emails].

Making more than enough money to fulfill your purpose...and CHOOSING the best clients instead of convincing prospects to hire you [in case tap dancing for sales is not your forte].

This is EXACTLY what I do in my business.

But it wasn't always like this. I struggled for a year and a half, doing work that I loved, but barely making enough to pay my bills on time.

I felt disappointed and exhausted every single month. There were times when I was so stressed about money I even took on the wrong clients.

The turnaround came when I discovered the mindset and mechanics behind marketing that works FOR YOU.

Over the past few months I've made a few simple shifts that allow me to generate 6 figure months while working part-time.

Here's how you can do the same...

You have to be certain that you are the BEST at what you do and the ONLY one who can deliver your offer [annihilate even the thought of competition...in your mind and theirs] .

Your marketing needs to be so compelling that your prospects believe you as a SOLUTION provider BEFORE they book a discovery session with you .

During your sales call you need to understand the difference between folks who are COMMITTED to their own transformation vs. those who are NOT [hearing "Is there a guarantee?" or "I can't afford it" are dead giveaways of the latter] .

Just in case you're wondering, the person who says "I'm in and I'll find the money" has a completely different mindset from someone who simply says "I can't afford it".

The first one has DECIDED that they will get results. The second has NOT [yet].

Desiree Stafford

Desiree Stafford helps coaches, consultants, and spiritual entrepreneurs make the money and impact they know they're capable of faster than they can renew their passports. To discover how to do this in your business request a free breakthrough session today.
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