I'll show you how to magnetize IDEAL clients who gladly on the SPOT. 
You’re here because you’re ready to leap from good to great and something in my message makes you feel like you can FLY, yes?

Imagine having it ALL - a thriving 6/7 figure business, a lifestyle as big as your purpose, soul-aligned clients who are fun and easy to work with, more free time with the people you love, feeling more at peace with yourself, and the like.

I see the version of you who can play at that level and I know exactly how to help you turn your vision into a reality with speed and grace.

I’ll show you how to …
  • ​Own the MASSIVE VALUE of your transformational work, remember your INNATE worthiness, and easily command $10K, $30K, or $50K+ fees with confidence and integrity
  • ​Free yourself from imposter syndrome, please pleasing, comparisonitis, perfectionism, and shrinking to fit, so that you can show up fully as the leader of leaders you were born to be
  • ​Get clarity on your UNIQUE genius and position yourself as the OBVIOUS CHOICE in the hearts and minds of "your people"
  • Master the energetics that will have clients blowing up your DMs asking for pay in full links or showing up on your sales calls knowing that they have to work with YOU...no matter the price  
  • ​Help your clients get even better results with less effort on your part (hello renewals and referrals!)
Making more with ease and flow is a byproduct of alignment. 

This is why my coaching and mentoring focuses on giving you the guidance and encouragement to grow your business YOUR way rather than bogging you down with cookie cutter strategies. 

Whether we work together in one of my group or private programs, your life will transform at hyper speed. 

You'll make the shift from working hard to "make things happen" to allowing more abundance to effortlessly flow TO YOU. 

The only pushing that you’ll ever do again will be on the “easy button”.

Because I’m going to hand you the tools and techniques that will empower you to trust and RECEIVE on a whole 'nother level, so that you get to enjoy the freedom to do what you want, when you want, with whom you want, as much as you want. 

You ready for a QUANTUM LEAP?

I'm currently working with clients in the following 3 ways:

Powerhouse Unleashed - a 12-week intensive that includes weekly group activation calls, an intimate Facebook community, and training on creating aligned offers, pricing, and messaging. It's ideal for the rule breaker who's ready to unapologetically OWN her vision, value, and voice and welcome her first (or next) 6 figures with a handful of high ticket clients. 

Powerhouse On FIRE - a 12-month group program that includes all of the above. On top of that, you'll get to enjoy quarterly retreats, monthly mastermind calls, and a deep sense of belonging in a soul tribe of badasses who will inspire you to play bigger than ever. This is for the visionary leader who's ready to celebrate $50K, $100K or whatever K months with simplicity and ease.

Private coaching and mentoring - customized packages available as 6 session deep dives and 3 or 6 month engagements, which each include weekly 60 minute sessions, email support, and access to elevated training on inner and outer game strategies. These containers are ideal for the powerhouse who knows she's capable of ANYTHING. 

Click the button below to complete your application. 

You're here because you're successful and HUNGRY for more.
You're committed to creating the level of income and lifestyle that reflects the MASSIVE VALUE you add to your clients' lives.

You're ready to FREE YOURSELF and show up fully as the leader you're meant to be. 

You want someone in your corner who will stretch you beyond your perceived limits, hold you accountable to your vision, and hand you CUSTOMIZED mindset, emotional intelligence, and high ticket marketing and sales strategies that will catapult your transformational service business (i.e. coach, healer, therapist) to the level you KNOW you should be playing at by now with simplicity and ease. 

I've got you. Your next power move is to book a call and buckle up for the adventure of a lifetime. 

If your ambition is to add $20K, $50K, or $100K+ per month, ask me about Powerhouse On FIRE. Or private coaching (availability is limited). 

If hitting $10K/20K months is more your speed, ask me about the Powerhouse Unleashed Intensive. 

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"I made $26K the previous year. Three weeks after hiring Desiree I made $50K and $190K in 4 months.

I'm also attracting clients who are right for me. Clients who light me up and honor my work without me having to stress over funnels. 

I get to show up as myself and that's mirrored back to me in the level of the clients I receive." 

- Janelle Hoyland, Best-Selling Author, Soul Pathway Healer, and Spirtual Leader
"Before I started working with Desiree I was making about $20K a month and burning out very quickly. Since joining her mastermind I've had my biggest sales month ever. I booked $96K!

The relationship that I have with my students is also better because I get to spend more time with them instead of trying to find new clients. 

I'm now doing the things that I enjoy and that brings in clients that I enjoy working with. So my stress level is lower, which makes me a happier wife."  

- Whitney Nicely, Principal Broker at Whitey Buys Houses and Real Estate Coach
"I was creating lots of content and getting great results for my clients, but I had been settling for $2,500 months.

After watching 2 of your videos I knew I had to talk to you. Because you gave me a personal invitation to wake up, dream again, step into who I was and stop playing small.

In the 6 weeks we’ve worked together I booked $58K. And that’s been with me working less and feeling excited and joyful."

- Hind Adeagbo, Success Coach
"I'm no longer giving until it hurts. I get to serve my clients from a much more grounded, embodied, centred state. 

I've invested in all kinds of training over the last 20 years. I won't name names, but let's just say I've walked on hot coals at 3am. And I feel like Desiree deeply sees me. Her delivery and space holding has been impeccable.

I've also finally been connected with other women who are lightworkers, which has been really impactful."

- Maleah Jacobs, Author, Intuitive Consultant and Founder of INTUIDIVA
"I made $17K in 2 weeks! Desiree gave me the courage to go for what I want. She got me present to the value of what I do for my clients.

When I signed my first $10K I cried. It was very overwhelming and really affirmed to me that I'm doing what I'm meant to do. It was freeing."

- Susheela Ramachandran, Intuitive Healer and Coach
"I've doubled my fees and realized that ease is the best way. The hustle, the push, the stress, and the pain is not necessary. Desiree embodies that flawlessly. 

She has this amazing masculine and feminine balance that is able to keep you feeling grounded, safe and forward moving. It's unlike anything I've ever experienced. It's very serene and powerful at the same time and it gives you the framework to dive deep within yourself because you know you're being supported."

- Amber Brogly, Catalyst Energy Healer and Coach
"I had a second consecutive $20K month. I'm continuing to decrease sales calls and outreach messages. So I'm finally working less. 

I committed to one-call closes. No more chasing clients. The win for me is having a repeatable process for getting more sales without the excessive messenger convos I was doing before. I also owe you my ability to set a goal and really COMMIT to it."

- Alison Reeves, Blog Monetization Coach and Course Creator 
"Best income year ever. I am so grateful I met you Desiree, and I am moved to tears of gratitude as I write this. 

I am stronger inside of me than when we started and previously I really didn´t know how I would find this part of me. I knew it existed but I didn´t know how to reconnect to it. 

It has been such a game changer to be around your own powerful voice and spirit, your on-going support and enthusiasm for my success, your uncompromisingly challenges to look at my own stories and check my focus. 

I am so grateful for the way you have helped me as I stretch, but not judge what showed up for me. And the openness to all my questions. The energy YOU bring is so focused and strong and clear it has allowed me to hear my own voice and power more deeply than I ever have before."

- Angie Ford, High Performance Coach
"I've learned how to call in my dream clients and do sales calls in a way that doesn't feel like selling. 

I've had plenty of access to Desiree and other successful business women in her mastermind and felt really supported."

- Caitlin Jarvis, Medical Intuitive